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For Kids

Are You Feeling Worried?


Nervous? Sad? Scared? Are you having trouble at home or at school? Are you having trouble with friends or classmates? Are you getting into trouble a lot? Are your parents driving you crazy? Do you feel like you’re missing out with friends, at home or at school? Would you like to have more friends?


Maybe I can help.

In My Playroom…

Coping Skills

Social Skills

Relationship Skills

All For You

I have games, art supplies, books, puppets and lots of imaginative play toys in my play room. These toys will help you express your feelings and explore things that just aren’t working well for you right now. You will have fun playing with the toys in the play room and you will never be forced to play with anything you don’t like or asked to do anything you do not want to do.

Come See Me

Together, we will work on getting you back to being a happy and healthy kid.